About lucypeachslice


Lucypeachslice is an innovative, UK-based girls’ and womenswear brand founded in 2013. When designer Emma Prigmore began sewing garments for her three children, commissions from discerning mothers quickly followed. Named in honour of a beloved childhood pet, lucypeachslice was born.

Combining stylish silhouettes with bold, one-of-a-kind prints, each garment tells a story as unique as the girl who wears it. Inspiration comes from both foreign travels and domestic joys, transforming personal photographs into spectacular prints that capture the sublime beauty of line and form.

Lucypeachslice was honoured by the Junior Design Awards for Best Emerging Fashion Brand 2014 for the AW14 debut capsule collection.
All garments are manufactured in a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified factory.

Take a look at our brand new Spring Summer 2017 collection for women and girls. This season takes on soft pastels interjected with vibrant shots of colour. The soft fabrics echo this theme, for women and girls with a shared love of fashion. The entire range is playful and practical and pretty. Wearable styles for all occasions throughout the season.

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Emma Prigmore



Often people equate creativity with originality. Nowadays there are very few absolutely original ideas. What we see as new and exciting, is in fact, a bringing together of existing ideas in a new way.

This is the case with my fabric design. I photograph things that interest me – from the architecturally beautiful to the mundane, and then I manipulate them digitally until they become a new image that I like.